I am Awesome

26 May

I am awesome.  I tell myself that every day, some times multiple times a day so that I don’t forget: I am awesome.  I love saying that to myself.  It makes me feel so good.  I am awesome.

You are awesome too.  Yes? No? Maybe? If that statement doesn’t ring true for you then maybe you are suffering from negative self talk or even a victim mentality.  I can say this  because as a former victim, I know victims don’t believe they are awesome.  They are poor, as in, poor me.  They are depressed.  They can’t do anything right. They think they are ugly, unloved, and/or unwanted.  They have no real friends.  Life isn’t fair to them. They hate their jobs.  They get picked on.  They can’t trust anyone.  They don’t have any money.  Yada, yada, yada. Does any of this sound familiar?  If so, let’s get off the pity pot and rewrite the mantras you repeat to yourself all day, everyday.

Did you realize that?  You talk to yourself all day long,  most often not realizing what you are doing, and worse, not realizing what you are telling yourself.  Talking to yourself wouldn’t be so bad except that those negative statements find a home in your subconscious mind and in turn have  a profound negative impact on how you react to life.  If you have ever winced for no good reason or been asked by someone else “who are you talking to”, then you have been reacting to your self talk. 

Until you can rid your mind of those thoughts there is no way to change them.  And in order to rid your mind of negative thoughts you need to replace them with  new positive ones. So instead of saying poor me, change that to: I AM AWESOME.  Instead of saying life isn’t fair, change that to: MY LIFE IS WHAT I MAKE IT TO BE AND I MAKE IT GREAT.  Can’t trust anyone?  Tell yourself, I HAVE GOOD JUDGEMENT AND KNOW WHO I CAN TRUST. Need money?  Tell yourself: I LIVE A LIFE OF ABUNDANCE.  These are called positive affirmations and when recited often enough they can change your life. 

Using the above as examples, make a list of statements. Tape the list to your mirror so that you see it every morning and every night.  Look in the mirror and recite the list to yourself at least once a day, preferably multiple times a day. Keep a copy of the list  next to your computer.  Wrap a copy of your list around your credit card.  Do whatever you need to do in order to remind yourself constantly of your new way of thinking.  As you repeat your list,  smile and tell yourself, “yes, I do feel this way.”

Maybe the above statements don’t resonate with you.  If not, then search your heart and find ones that do.  If you really want a better life, then there will be at least one area in your life you will want to work on, such as money, relationships, or weight.  Make your list as long as you want, although I would recommend that you start off with just a short list that really gets you thinking differently.  If you have too  many affirmations to remember,  then none of them will have much impact.

If you need more help, search positive affirmations on the internet.  There is mega info out there in cyber space.  You might also like to go to  your local library and check out a book on self-help.  There are many to choose from.  In the mean time, start feeling good about who you are because you are truly AWESOME.

 Love and peace, Katie

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