26 May

I have been wanting to write a blog for some time, I  just wasn’t sure what to write about.  Then it hit me; I could write about me.  Not that I am anyone special, because we are all special, but because I have overcome some major stumbling blocks in life and I am sure my modes of victory can help others.

You see, I have been a life long victim, and I know there are many others out there who can identify with me.  We all struggle to get ahead and even though we  overcome many obstacles we  still have to deal with  using our victim mentality as our first line of defense.  Let me assure those of you who haven’t learned this lesson yet: it doesn’t work. 

Victims never get where they want to go.  So if we want to get ahead in life you need to learn to accept responsibility for yourself, which includes but isn’t limited to: who you are, what you do, your friends, your jobs, your past, present and future situations, your relationships, your children etc.  We must realize that it is only you, you and you who stand between where you are now and  your dream life.

My dream life is to have a successful business.  I also want to be able to travel.  But most of all I want to be able to help others achieve their dreams.  That is what this blog is gonna be all about.  Each day I plan to share some tidbit of info that will encourage you to rethink your situation so that you might have the courage to step out of your role as victim and into that of victor. 

In closing let me share with you one of my favorite sayings:

In life there are two things to learn; which bridges to cross and which bridges to burn.

Love and Peace, Katie

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