I am Victorious

27 May

Hey Folks….  This is day number two of writing my blog and I am really getting into it.  So much so that I have already come to the conclusion that my original idea of writing a blog geared towards victims isn’t really what I want.   I hate to be called a victim.  It is such a limiting label.  I want to be victorious.  I can do anything when I am VICTORIOUS.  Therefore, if I don’t want to label myself a victim, how can I justify calling anyone else a victim, especially if my desire is to help others grow. 

When we embark on changing our life for the better we become victors.  Just trying to change makes us victorious.  We may not always reach our goal, but we tried and that effort is worth something.  It shows that we have what it takes.  We may lack important information needed to reach a goal, but the  information we lack is readily available somewhere. We just need to find it. So don’t give up, you are on the right course.

In the last few months I have been writing a short booklet I call, LIVING A LIFE OF JOYFUL EXPECTANCY.  In it I discuss several topics I believe we all need to embrace in order to be happy.  Even more than happy; joyful.  And with joy comes victory.  It was not my original plan to share it here but I have changes my mind as this blog seems headed in that direction.  So in the next days and weeks I will post snippets here to give some umph to my blog points.

Have a wonderful victorious day.

Peace and love,


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One response to “I am Victorious

  1. Vanessa

    May 27, 2011 at 4:27 pm

    This is awesome! You should check out another Katie who writes about something similar 🙂


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