Why am I Here?

28 May

Many people have asked me how and why I became  involved with self-help.  The answer is simple.  A few years ago I did something that I was ashamed of.  I felt like I didn’t deserve to live.  In order to survive that dark time, I had to learn how to forgive myself.

The healing started with tapping.  It is called Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT for short.  It is a simple  technique that reminds me of meditation and acupuncture. It is easy to learn and can instantly relieve stress.  In my case, the stress was so great that when I tapped I would also cough.  After several sessions, I realized my coughing was my body’s way of releasing the negative emotions I was harbouring.  The more I tapped the less I coughed. 

I originally started tapping to help me understand why I had such a hard time financially.  If you could call money a friend, it wasn’t mine.  Money had always eluded me and in our down economy, that had become a problem.  The lack of money was what caused my downfall, so I needed to find a way to get over what I saw as an insurmountable mountain.  Tapping helped, but  for me, it wasn’t enough. What it did do though, was expose me to the movie, THE SECRET.

Ahhhh, The Law of Attraction.  How simple could that be. Just think about what you want and you  get it.  I spent days, weeks even, trying to rid my mind of all my negative thoughts so I could replace them with positive ones. That was the only way I could be open to attracting the money I wanted.  But the money didn’t come.  Instead I found more doors opening which all led to an abundance of knowledge that changed my life.

I think my biggest ah ha moment came when I realized I needed to live an attitude of gratitude in order to get what I wanted, including money.  Furthermore, I have come to realize that there is an infinite amount of money in the universe and I can have as much of it as I want as long as I am grateful for everything in my life.  But I was learning that it wasn’t just  money I wanted.  I wanted a totally abundant life and that included much more than money.

Abundance comes in a variety of ways.  I could have abundant wealth, but I could also have abundant relationships, abundant adventure, abundant health, abundant luck.  I could have it all.  And it was OK to want it all.  There was just one small hitch  and that was, I had to share.  Why should I have it all, when all of us want it all. So even though there is infinite abundance I had to learn to share.

Well my Christian upbringing helped me understand that. I understood paying it forward.  I understood tithing.  I knew you couldn’t out give God and the more you gave the more you get.  All wonderful concepts except I grew to see that living a totally abundant life is giving even more away, not necessarily money. 

After practicing living an attitude of gratitude for awhile and sharing, I began to feel like my brain was being rewired.  I no longer thought from my victim mentality.  I almost immediately saw the bright side of things.  So much so that I began to recognize the negative side of people whom I had previous thought were positive influences on me.  I began telling them they had to think positive. 

Claiming my new attitude of gratitude has been the life changing experience I had been looking for.  If I never make a dime, I will still be happy.  I see life so differently now.  There is joy to be found everywhere and in everything.  I have been able to forgive my family; I have forgiven myself; I don’t get angry anymore or frustrated.  Don’t let me mislead you.  I am not perfect, but I have found so much joy that I want to tell the world how they can find it too.

Keep following me folks and together we will explore this topic and many others which will lead you out of the dark and into the light. 

Peace and Joy,


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