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One of my favorite authors, Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote, “if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Wow, what a great way to allude to the fact that our attitude makes all the difference in how we perceive life.  Instantaneously we can choose to overcome any negative ideal we hold true. I have chosen not to be a loser anymore.  Instead I choose to defeat whatever stands  in the way of my dreams. 

Fear was, for a long time, my dream killer. It controlled my life.  In fact, until recently, whenever I was faced with something I felt was beyond me, my inner voice would say, “I’m so scared.”  Now, I boldly tell myself, ” I will not let fear stand in my way of attaining my dreams because my dreams are bigger and better than all of my fear.’ 

I have always been a big dreamer, but turning those dreams into reality is a different story.  It wasn’t until I found myself planning to open an ice cream shoppe with my husband and mother that I realized I had lost other dreams because I let fear stand in the way.  In this instance, I am not sure if my fear was fear of failure or fear of success or a combination of the two, but at a certain point in the planning, I just wanted to turn around and run.  The thought of what we were trying to accomplish was so overwhelming that I wasn’t convinced we could make it work. Yet my partners didn’t feel the same way. Instead they kept moving toward the goal.  Eventually I came to realize that it was going to work and my fear subsided. 

Another time fear paralyzed me was in high school; I wasn’t the best student.  I realize now that my study skills had a lot to do with it, but at the time the fear that I wasn’t smart enough held me back from even trying.  I decided I would just cop out on life, get married and have a family. In the mean time all my siblings went on to college and I began to feel like the village idiot.  It wasn’t until my own children went off to college that I made an attempt to go myself.  I breezed through, graduating from one of the most prestigious colleges in the south.

I am writing all this so I may be an example. I want you to face fear straight on,so you can overcome it. Kick fear to the curb.  Most of what you fear will never comes to fruition anyway.  Rather than succumbing to fear, open the door to courage.  Take a deep breath in and say, “I am courageous.”  Breathe out saying, “I let go of fear.”  Whenever you feel fear, make this your mantra.  . 

A more abundant life is now open to you as you start living a life free of fear.  No longer will  you want your head to be hung in shame.You will smile more, and even stand up straighter as complete strangers acknowledge the new you. Dream big and work hard at making all those dreams come true.

Love and Abundance,


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