My Hero

02 Jun

My sister and her husband came down to visit this past holiday weekend. They drove all the way from New York State and stayed just a few days.  While they were here, my mom treated us to dinner at a higher end chain restaurant.  It was great.  You could almost say we had a food orgy as we eat a mountain of delicious delicacies and bantered back and forth.

In spite of us all being very specific about what we wanted to eat, there were a couple of glitches.  Out of the five of us ordering, two entries were brought out wrong.  Even though none of us  voiced any annoyance, the manager got involved and made it all right, plus offered us dessert on the house. She was very nice and bent over backwards to make sure we had a great time. 

When it came time to pay the check mom got  out her out her credit card. She placed it in the book on top of the check and sent it off.  When the receipt came back she appropriately signed her name and took her copy.  As she was putting her copy away in her purse, she found a coupon for the restaurant we were in and it was due to expire the next day.  While mom was trying to decide what to do, my sister took the coupon and went to the table behind us offering it to the guests sitting there.  They were stunned yet appreciative. 

My sister’s action makes her my hero. While some of us were selfishly deciding how to use the coupon before it expired, she had generosity on her mind and acted on it. I wish everyone was as thoughtful as she was.  In fact, I wish it had been me who had thought of giving away the coupon.  Not that I want to be better than her, but because it is my goal to be generous and here was a perfect opportunity and I flubbed it up. 

Generosity is not only a gift to another, it is a gift to ourselves.  It is like radar, in that you receive back what you gave out as well as more. But the idea of sharing what we have with others isn’t meant to be a selfish act.  It is meant to reflect the love we have for each other and all of God’s creation. It isn’t just about money either, generosity can be applied to anything. Try being generous with your love, with your time, with your knowledge, with your possessions, or with your faith.  As you freely share these things with others, you will soon find yourself abundant in that area.  That allows you to have more to give, which in turns brings more back to you and so on and so on. 

Become someone’s hero, by being generous. I intend to be more mindful of those occasions where I can make even a small difference.  By practising being generous in small ways, I will be more able to be generous in large ways.  Maybe someday I will be someone’s hero, whether I ever know it or not.

Peace and Love,


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