Do You Have Your Toolbox Packed?

06 Jun

Affirmations and other self help utilities are more than just toys, they are tools that help you be the person you want to be and to help you navigate to where you want to go.  For me, getting from where I am now to where I want to go is a life journey.  I have encountered many ups and downs and I don’t perceive the road ahead is going to be flat and without ruts (how boring).  In order to be prepared for my life journey I have brought along a tool box.  It includes everything I need to make the journey a success. 

 I expect my life journey to be bumpy, so in my self help tool box I have such things as positive affirmations, joy, faith, generosity, forgiveness, prayer and gratitude. Some of these tools I have written about previously, but today I want to write about why each of them is not only a tool but also a building block and when used together they create a firm foundation for success.

For me the end result has to be joy. Joy is my firm foundation.  I want to feel joyful all the time.  I want joy to be my primary emotion because it lessens the effects of the bumps in the road. When you can count it all joy, you are able to realize that whatever is happening in your life is exactly what needs to be happening in order for you to succeed.  Joy counteracts all negative feelings.  It is contagious as well. When you are joyful other people want to be around you.   They may even ask, ” why are you so happy all the time?” 

In order to focus on joy, you need to be able to use the other tools first.  The most basic tool is positive affirmations. It is the screw driver in my tool box.  If you can’t keep this tool straight then joy will elude you.  One of my favorite affirmations is, “I am awesome.” That statement makes me feel so good.  I have no trouble telling myself that all day long, especially when things are beginning to get me down.  The internet is full of sites dealing with positive affirmations so if you haven’t already, do a search and begin to get your tool box in order.

Faith is like glue.  You won’t keep anything together without it.  Faith is something we shouldn’t even have to think about.  We just need to know, that we know what we know.  Did you get that?  Faith creates hope.  For when we know what we can expect from the future, based on our faith, then we are more able to hope for all things good.  Faith allows us to realize that whatever happens, we are taken care of. 

When you have faith that life is all good then you are more willing to use the next tool in the box, gratitude.  Gratitude is the power cord which powers up all your tools. It speeds up the process of getting the job down.  It is a high vibrational force that propels good things to happen.  It is a tool that should be well taken care of, for without gratitude, none of the other tools will work very well, you faith may begin to fail and there will never be joy.  Find gratitude in even the smallest things and your foundation will be firm.

Gratefulness leads to generosity.  I like to think of generosity as  the nails in my tool box. I need them to put my own foundation together, but so does everyone else.  So instead of hoarding unused nails,  share them.  Pass on just a few  or pass on a whole bucket full.  When you realize how great life is going, you will  want to share your abundance with others.   That sharing helps joyful feelings to emerge within you, which is what we all want.  Generosity can as little as leaving your spare change for the Ronald McDonald House or it can be as grand as a million dollar donation to your favorite university. 

Doing things for others is another way to be generous but it can sometimes lead to misunderstandings, so forgiveness is another important tool to keep close by. Forgiveness can chisel away whatever stands in the way of moving forward. It counteracts unforgiveness which is corrosive. Explore your relationships and figure out who you need to forgive.  It might just be yourself.

Prayer is the last tool in my tool box.  It is like a level.  Nothing will look right or feel right if you don’t make sure it’s all square.  Just like a level, prayer needs to be used before, during and after a project.  It helps you realize where you are and if you are in balance.  But more than being balanced it allows praise and thanks to flow freely from your heart and out into the universe. When you can be this open in your prayers, joy is not far behind and as your joy  ripples through the universe, it touches many lives, while it seeks to come back to you.

Knowing what tools you need for your life’s journey is something you might like to explore. Keep tour tiils simple and light. For me, it is what I have proposed here.  My tool box is always at the ready to work for me. I have spent time learning how to use each tool individually and how they all work together.  They are essential part of my life and as long as I use them in a positive fashion, I know my life is going to be awesome.

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