Life of Abundance Also Means Eating Healthy

14 Jun

Living a  life of abundance means more than having enough money.  It means every area of your life is in balance and that includes your sleeping habits.  You can use the Law of Attraction all you want, but if your  mind and body aren’t rested and alert, then  you won’t be in sync with your dreams.

One reason many people lose sleep is insomnia.  Although symptoms normally last only a few nights, some sufferers have had symptoms last for months or even years. Uncontrolled insomnia can cause you to feel addle brained, fatigued and unable to concentrate on making your dreams come true. 

As a former insomniac, I suffered from frequent sleepless nights.  I  would toss and turn, get leg cramps, have wild dreams, and on occasion even my dog would say he’d had enough and jump off the bed in search of a more comfortable spot to sleep.  During the day I felt fatigued, fuzzy headed and unable to concentrate. I didn’t want to take drugs so I researched different remedies.  It soon became apparent that two of my favorite foods which I consumed on a daily basis were detrimental to my ability to sleep.  I faced either giving them up completely, or at the very least cutting down on them. The two culprits were sugar and caffeine.

In my research I learned that sugar generates the fuel your body needs to function. So if you are flooding  your body with sugar at the same time you are trying to wind down and sleep, it stands to reason that your brain might be confused about where to focus its attention. I also learned that caffeine affects sleep in a different way.  It is actually an addictive substance which stimulates the brain  similarly to amphetamines. It is the biggest substance we ingest in food that is linked to insomnia. So in order to control my insomnia I had to control my intake of sugar and caffeine. I now eat no refined sugar and only two cups of coffee in the morning, then I switch to decaf. 

I found something else out during my research.  Just as there are foods to reve you up there are also foods which help induce sleep. Broccoli and honey are such foods.  As far back as biblical times, honey has been deemed a perfect food. It  is an all natural food and was so precious that in some ancient cultures it was a food for only those in the highest stations. Honey contains tryptophan, which helps trigger the brain to secrete the natural sleep hormone melatonin. It is also full of antioxidants, including vitamin C and trace amounts of other vitamins and minerals.

Broccoli is a great food to include in a nutrient rich diet and like honey, contains different substances which aid restful sleep.  The vitamin C found in broccoli is an antioxidant.  Your body needs this vitamin to help deal  with stress and fatigue. When stress is lowered your body is  able to relax and can actually repair damaged cells. .

Most people don’t want to hear about fiber, but the fiber found in broccoli is digested slowly which helps your body get a  steady energy flow instead of the quick up and at em that sugar provides.This  slow flow of energy  is essential to restful sleep.

Honey and broccoli are just a small part of an overall healthy diet which the body needs to maintain balance and restful sleep.  So pay attention to the foods you choose to eat. Eating a diet full of nutrient rich natural foods  will keep you healthy and alert so you can concentrate on making your dreams come true.

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