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Loving the Unlovable

Some people just make you so mad that you classify them as unlovable.  No matter what you do, they seem unapproachable, demeaning and critical.  Their way is the only way and their holier than thou attitude comes off as haute.  Do you know anyone like this? Maybe even more than one. If your life is miserable because of them, let’s explore ideas to help you  live with them and be content at the same time.  An oxymoron you say, not really.

In order to learn to be able to live with these people we need to set some groundwork first.  As is often true, one specific idea isn’t the answer but when you put several ideas together you create a plan that works. So let’s start with who you really are. 

If you have ever read any of Jerry and Esther Hicks’ books you  already know that Esther channels Abraham.  According to Abraham, all of us are eternal spiritual beings, who occasionally desire to add dimension to ourselves by entering the physical world.  So idea one is that we are spiritual beings living in a physical world.

Here on earth our physical bodies don’t allow us quite the same access to God and therefore we resist much of our spiritual knowledge in lieu of worldly knowledge.  As we grow from children into adults we assimilate more and more of what the physical world assumes as truth.  We allow our parents and our culture to dictate what is right and what is wrong.  We look outside ourselves for leadership instead of reaching inward to who we really are.  So idea two is to understand we have the ability to reference  knowledge thro our human nature as well as our spiritual nature but we most often make deisions based on our physical nature. 

Idea three is to reconcile our physical knowledge with your nonphysical knowledge. Doing so makes us complete.  Abraham explains this by saying that when we are in the spiritual dimension we do not “feel” separated from God because there is no resistance to receiving His knowledge. But the physical world creates resistance and so as we adopt more and more worldly views, the separation  from who we really are grows.  This separation causes negative feelings and we lose our way spiritually. 

If you want to feel complete you need to get back on the right track.   When you realize the answers the world presents aren’t necessarily the right ones for you and  investigate who you really are for the answer, you begin to reconcile your physical and nonphysical self. The right answer for you is always where these two parts agree.Therefore idea four is to find the common ground between physical and nonphysical knowledge.

The whole premise of this article is to find a way to love the unlovable.  By putting all the above ideas together you can see that when you are unable to feel love for another of God’s creations it is not a problem between you and them.  It is a problem between you and you.  You have allowed  someone else get between you physical self and who you really are instead of relying on your spiritual self for the guidance you need.  Your spiritual connection is always your best guidance system.  Do not allow what others think, do or say to interfere with what you already know is best for you. God is love and when you feel another is unlovable, you have allowed yourself to become separated from Him, which contributes to the hardship you experience in this plane. Stay connected with your inner spiritual guidance system so you can resume your proper course and love, love, love, even the unlovable. 

Peace and Love,