Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day everyone. Hope it was an absolutely awesome day for you. It was for me too. I shared it with the two most important men in my life, my husband and son.

I miss sharing Father’s Day with my dad. It was always a big event, with cake and gifts, just like a birthday. Some years Father’s Day fell on my parents anniversary, June 19, just like this year. I am sure that is why the big celebrations began. Between the two events, it just became normal to have cake and gifts on both days.

Daddy was an Episcopal priest, who understood the love of Christ. Not only was he the father of five, he was everyone’s dad. His nick name was Pappa J. His close relationships made it impossible for some to call him Reverend, and yet his community standing demanded respect, so Pappa J became the accepted form of compromise. He had a very charismatic personality and you could feel yourself being wrapped up with his love.

Our large family grew up in this huge house located right next to dad’s church. To us kids, it seemed like a mansion. There were three floors, with three bathrooms and four oversized bedrooms. So it shouldn’t be surprising when I tell you we often had people living with us. Mostly we had college students, and on occasion airmen from the local AF Base. But one day we had a man knock on our front door who insisted my father take in his young daughter. She was about my age and looked so sad. Her father and my father talked for a long time before my dad agreed to take her in.

The girl’s name was Sandra. For months she didn’t hear from her dad and I thought I was going to get another sister (I already had three). She told us horrifying stories about how her mother had beat her and abused her in the most awful ways. Her mom died in a fire and now her father seemed to have left her too. She cried all the time. My mom and dad tried so hard to fill in the voids but most days she was inconsolable.

The situation actually made my dad angry. He didn’t want to be saddled with another child, especially when the agreement he and Sandra’s father came to was that it was a temporary arrangement. My dad could have taken her to Social Services and just dropped her off, but he couldn’t bring himself to add insult to injury. Three months past, then six months. No sight of Sandra’s dad. Then a year past. Finally Sandra’s father came back to get her. He had needed all that time for emotional healing and to get his own life back together again before he felt equipped to be a dad to his daughter. Sandra was elated and she soon moved into an apartment her dad had rented, right across the street from the church. They stayed there long enough for Sandra to readjust to living with her dad. We have never heard from her since she moved away.

Looking back on it now gives me the shivers. It took a whole bunch of faith to take in the child of a complete stranger and then keep her long past the time her dad said he was going to come back. But my dad knew Jesus very well and trusted that everything would work out for the best. I don’t know how much longer he would have let Sandra stay with us, all I know is he let her stay long enough. He was a great dad who loved everyone and everyone loved him.

Love and peace,


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A New Kind of Gratitude

I just finished reading an article about Leah Dieterich who wrote a book called, In it she writes about how grateful she is about everything. Apparently her mom taught her at an early age that she should write thank you notes. She has taken this concept one step further and writes thank you notes to all kinds of people, objects, ideas, places and things. Her writing is whimsical, yet literal and her gratefulness shows through in each one of her entries, even when a bit on the satirical side. I was impressed, yes even inspired, so inspired that I want to dedicate today’s blog to some off the wall situations I am grateful for.

I am grateful that my sister is able to be at home and not in the hospital because the medicine she is taking via a pic line is working. I am grateful that she isn’t in pain and that she can be in the familiar surroundings of her home with her husband and other family members.

I am grateful for my husband, who is disabled and yet he comes to work every day, seven days a week. I am grateful for his love for our business and his willingness to work so hard.

I am grateful for the business tenets we have in the front of our building. I am grateful for the work they do to enhance the value of my building. I am grateful that they water the flowers and shrubs, even when I was going to do it anyway, but hadn‘t gotten around to it yet.

I am grateful for my mom who brought over a couple Boson Heads to hang on the wall. They were both broken but I know she meant well. She knows how much I love them.

I am grateful that my daughter and her family are coming down from Boston later this month for a visit. I won’t see as much of them as the rest of my family will, but a little time is better than no time.

I am grateful for my friend George who offered to come and weed eat in front of my shoppe and spray weed killer. When he offers to help like this he seldom show up. He didn’t show up today, but someone else did and so the job got done anyway.

I am grateful for my friend Ron who always shows up when he says he will and helps me more than he should, but I know he loves what he is doing.

I am grateful for my friend Shane who has done so much work for us. I am trying to get some paid work for him. He is a great guy. Anyone need work done?

I am grateful for my friend who works at the quilt shoppe. She has a hard time accepting a co-worker. Even when I remind her that God loves them both equally, she still can’t find it in her heart to accept her. It makes me laugh a little because she is so willing to harbor anger and resentment when with a bit of an attitude adjustment they could become fast friends. I like them both, their “friendship“ keeps me on my toes.

We all have so many things to be grateful for. We just need to look around. Leah has opened my eyes to a brand new method of being grateful and I think I’m in love.

Love and gratitude,




Life of Abundance Also Means Eating Healthy

Living a  life of abundance means more than having enough money.  It means every area of your life is in balance and that includes your sleeping habits.  You can use the Law of Attraction all you want, but if your  mind and body aren’t rested and alert, then  you won’t be in sync with your dreams.

One reason many people lose sleep is insomnia.  Although symptoms normally last only a few nights, some sufferers have had symptoms last for months or even years. Uncontrolled insomnia can cause you to feel addle brained, fatigued and unable to concentrate on making your dreams come true. 

As a former insomniac, I suffered from frequent sleepless nights.  I  would toss and turn, get leg cramps, have wild dreams, and on occasion even my dog would say he’d had enough and jump off the bed in search of a more comfortable spot to sleep.  During the day I felt fatigued, fuzzy headed and unable to concentrate. I didn’t want to take drugs so I researched different remedies.  It soon became apparent that two of my favorite foods which I consumed on a daily basis were detrimental to my ability to sleep.  I faced either giving them up completely, or at the very least cutting down on them. The two culprits were sugar and caffeine.

In my research I learned that sugar generates the fuel your body needs to function. So if you are flooding  your body with sugar at the same time you are trying to wind down and sleep, it stands to reason that your brain might be confused about where to focus its attention. I also learned that caffeine affects sleep in a different way.  It is actually an addictive substance which stimulates the brain  similarly to amphetamines. It is the biggest substance we ingest in food that is linked to insomnia. So in order to control my insomnia I had to control my intake of sugar and caffeine. I now eat no refined sugar and only two cups of coffee in the morning, then I switch to decaf. 

I found something else out during my research.  Just as there are foods to reve you up there are also foods which help induce sleep. Broccoli and honey are such foods.  As far back as biblical times, honey has been deemed a perfect food. It  is an all natural food and was so precious that in some ancient cultures it was a food for only those in the highest stations. Honey contains tryptophan, which helps trigger the brain to secrete the natural sleep hormone melatonin. It is also full of antioxidants, including vitamin C and trace amounts of other vitamins and minerals.

Broccoli is a great food to include in a nutrient rich diet and like honey, contains different substances which aid restful sleep.  The vitamin C found in broccoli is an antioxidant.  Your body needs this vitamin to help deal  with stress and fatigue. When stress is lowered your body is  able to relax and can actually repair damaged cells. .

Most people don’t want to hear about fiber, but the fiber found in broccoli is digested slowly which helps your body get a  steady energy flow instead of the quick up and at em that sugar provides.This  slow flow of energy  is essential to restful sleep.

Honey and broccoli are just a small part of an overall healthy diet which the body needs to maintain balance and restful sleep.  So pay attention to the foods you choose to eat. Eating a diet full of nutrient rich natural foods  will keep you healthy and alert so you can concentrate on making your dreams come true.

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Loving the Unlovable

Some people just make you so mad that you classify them as unlovable.  No matter what you do, they seem unapproachable, demeaning and critical.  Their way is the only way and their holier than thou attitude comes off as haute.  Do you know anyone like this? Maybe even more than one. If your life is miserable because of them, let’s explore ideas to help you  live with them and be content at the same time.  An oxymoron you say, not really.

In order to learn to be able to live with these people we need to set some groundwork first.  As is often true, one specific idea isn’t the answer but when you put several ideas together you create a plan that works. So let’s start with who you really are. 

If you have ever read any of Jerry and Esther Hicks’ books you  already know that Esther channels Abraham.  According to Abraham, all of us are eternal spiritual beings, who occasionally desire to add dimension to ourselves by entering the physical world.  So idea one is that we are spiritual beings living in a physical world.

Here on earth our physical bodies don’t allow us quite the same access to God and therefore we resist much of our spiritual knowledge in lieu of worldly knowledge.  As we grow from children into adults we assimilate more and more of what the physical world assumes as truth.  We allow our parents and our culture to dictate what is right and what is wrong.  We look outside ourselves for leadership instead of reaching inward to who we really are.  So idea two is to understand we have the ability to reference  knowledge thro our human nature as well as our spiritual nature but we most often make deisions based on our physical nature. 

Idea three is to reconcile our physical knowledge with your nonphysical knowledge. Doing so makes us complete.  Abraham explains this by saying that when we are in the spiritual dimension we do not “feel” separated from God because there is no resistance to receiving His knowledge. But the physical world creates resistance and so as we adopt more and more worldly views, the separation  from who we really are grows.  This separation causes negative feelings and we lose our way spiritually. 

If you want to feel complete you need to get back on the right track.   When you realize the answers the world presents aren’t necessarily the right ones for you and  investigate who you really are for the answer, you begin to reconcile your physical and nonphysical self. The right answer for you is always where these two parts agree.Therefore idea four is to find the common ground between physical and nonphysical knowledge.

The whole premise of this article is to find a way to love the unlovable.  By putting all the above ideas together you can see that when you are unable to feel love for another of God’s creations it is not a problem between you and them.  It is a problem between you and you.  You have allowed  someone else get between you physical self and who you really are instead of relying on your spiritual self for the guidance you need.  Your spiritual connection is always your best guidance system.  Do not allow what others think, do or say to interfere with what you already know is best for you. God is love and when you feel another is unlovable, you have allowed yourself to become separated from Him, which contributes to the hardship you experience in this plane. Stay connected with your inner spiritual guidance system so you can resume your proper course and love, love, love, even the unlovable. 

Peace and Love,




Do You Have Your Toolbox Packed?

Affirmations and other self help utilities are more than just toys, they are tools that help you be the person you want to be and to help you navigate to where you want to go.  For me, getting from where I am now to where I want to go is a life journey.  I have encountered many ups and downs and I don’t perceive the road ahead is going to be flat and without ruts (how boring).  In order to be prepared for my life journey I have brought along a tool box.  It includes everything I need to make the journey a success. 

 I expect my life journey to be bumpy, so in my self help tool box I have such things as positive affirmations, joy, faith, generosity, forgiveness, prayer and gratitude. Some of these tools I have written about previously, but today I want to write about why each of them is not only a tool but also a building block and when used together they create a firm foundation for success.

For me the end result has to be joy. Joy is my firm foundation.  I want to feel joyful all the time.  I want joy to be my primary emotion because it lessens the effects of the bumps in the road. When you can count it all joy, you are able to realize that whatever is happening in your life is exactly what needs to be happening in order for you to succeed.  Joy counteracts all negative feelings.  It is contagious as well. When you are joyful other people want to be around you.   They may even ask, ” why are you so happy all the time?” 

In order to focus on joy, you need to be able to use the other tools first.  The most basic tool is positive affirmations. It is the screw driver in my tool box.  If you can’t keep this tool straight then joy will elude you.  One of my favorite affirmations is, “I am awesome.” That statement makes me feel so good.  I have no trouble telling myself that all day long, especially when things are beginning to get me down.  The internet is full of sites dealing with positive affirmations so if you haven’t already, do a search and begin to get your tool box in order.

Faith is like glue.  You won’t keep anything together without it.  Faith is something we shouldn’t even have to think about.  We just need to know, that we know what we know.  Did you get that?  Faith creates hope.  For when we know what we can expect from the future, based on our faith, then we are more able to hope for all things good.  Faith allows us to realize that whatever happens, we are taken care of. 

When you have faith that life is all good then you are more willing to use the next tool in the box, gratitude.  Gratitude is the power cord which powers up all your tools. It speeds up the process of getting the job down.  It is a high vibrational force that propels good things to happen.  It is a tool that should be well taken care of, for without gratitude, none of the other tools will work very well, you faith may begin to fail and there will never be joy.  Find gratitude in even the smallest things and your foundation will be firm.

Gratefulness leads to generosity.  I like to think of generosity as  the nails in my tool box. I need them to put my own foundation together, but so does everyone else.  So instead of hoarding unused nails,  share them.  Pass on just a few  or pass on a whole bucket full.  When you realize how great life is going, you will  want to share your abundance with others.   That sharing helps joyful feelings to emerge within you, which is what we all want.  Generosity can as little as leaving your spare change for the Ronald McDonald House or it can be as grand as a million dollar donation to your favorite university. 

Doing things for others is another way to be generous but it can sometimes lead to misunderstandings, so forgiveness is another important tool to keep close by. Forgiveness can chisel away whatever stands in the way of moving forward. It counteracts unforgiveness which is corrosive. Explore your relationships and figure out who you need to forgive.  It might just be yourself.

Prayer is the last tool in my tool box.  It is like a level.  Nothing will look right or feel right if you don’t make sure it’s all square.  Just like a level, prayer needs to be used before, during and after a project.  It helps you realize where you are and if you are in balance.  But more than being balanced it allows praise and thanks to flow freely from your heart and out into the universe. When you can be this open in your prayers, joy is not far behind and as your joy  ripples through the universe, it touches many lives, while it seeks to come back to you.

Knowing what tools you need for your life’s journey is something you might like to explore. Keep tour tiils simple and light. For me, it is what I have proposed here.  My tool box is always at the ready to work for me. I have spent time learning how to use each tool individually and how they all work together.  They are essential part of my life and as long as I use them in a positive fashion, I know my life is going to be awesome.

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All the Answers

I don’t have all the answers and I don’t want to either.  I want to share just enough to help you realize that sadness and unhappiness don’t have to be your lot in life and guide you to ways to help you achieve transformation.The following are just a few methods that helped me with my transformation; The Law of Attraction, EFT, positive affirmations, spirituality, metaphysics, The Reconnection, and faith healing,  None of these methods are absolute, although positive affirmations  are high on the list, so today I want to concentrate on Biblically based positive affirmations.

An affirmation is a statement you deem to be true.  It can be positive or negative.   Most people base their lives on negative affirmations.  The evidence is everywhere.  People talk negatively about their jobs, about their families, about the government and even about themselves.  This negative thought pattern holds us back from finding real joy and experiencing total goodness in life. You might want to change your environment, but let’s start with changing you, for when you see things differently all of sudden things around you change.

God created us in His image which is a totally awesome thing, but what we do with that image is up to us.  I, for one, want a crisp, clear vision of who I really am.  That is the first step in overcoming adversity.  So to help me see myself more clearly, I did a Bible search and the following is just a snippet of what I found:

I am a child of God                                                                   John 1:12

I am chosen by God                                                                Colossians 3:12

I am righteous and holy                                                           Ephesians 4:24

I am a daughter of God                                                            Romans 8:14

I am a daughter of light, not darkness                                       1 Thessalonians 5:5

I am a member of a royal priesthood and a holy nation               1  Peter 2:9

I have been given the mind of Christ                                          1 Corinthians 2:16

I have direct access to God                                                      Ephesians 2:18

I have been given a spirit of love, power and  self-discipline          2 Timothy 1:7

I have the right to come boldly before the throne of God to find mercy and grace in time of need                                                                           Hebrews 4:16

By embracing these statements about myself, I gave myself permission to know that whatever anyone says about me or to me, I am still who I am; an awesome creation by God who deserves nothing but the best.  And what God says about me is also true about you. 

If you utilize these Biblical truths as a firm foundation,  you can create a list of affirmations which  reflect who you really are too.  If you need more, the Bible is full of them.  Go and check it out.  You might find some that are even more awesome than mine.  Reciting them everyday multiple times, is a way of filling your mind with the idea that you are someone special who deserves so much. 

Here is a list of how I see myself reflecting God’s image.  Feel free to use these positive affirmations for yourself.   

I let go and let God do His thing

I delight in doing the will of God

God loves me

God takes care of all my needs

I am loved by God who created me in His image

I am thankful for God’s endless treasures

I am wonderfully made

I am inspired by God

The love of God radiates through me

God fills me with joy

God has a plan for me

I love God and live my life based on my knowledge of Him

I base my confidence on God’s Word

I believe God’s promises are true

I am a perfect piece of God’s creation

Some of the above statements are similar but that is Ok. One statement may resonate well with one person’s soul, while a different statement saying the same thing in a different  way will resonate better with another person’s soul.  And that is the goal; to internalize these statements so that you believe them without a doubt.   I promise that using positive affirmations will change your outlook on life.  Just believe that what you are saying to yourself is true and all the answers you are seeking will come. 

Love and Peace my Friends,


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 Although happiness and joy are often construed to be synonymous, I like to believe they are not. They can be present at the same time, but happiness is often just an outward demonstration of temporary feelings based on worldly situations. While joy, on the other hand, is felt on an emotional level, and since emotions are more engrained into our psyche than feelings, it is felt on a deeper plane. 

 Joy is a gift from God and can be present even during unhappy times. This is reflected in many of the Psalms King David wrote during difficult periods in his life. David makes it obvious that he knew God intimately as expressed in Psalm 16:11, “you have filled me with joy in your presence.” David was able to experience such joy because he understood his relationship with God and never wavered from believing in it, even when what was happening around him seemed dim.

 The verb “to rejoice” appears seventy-four times in the New Testament. The noun “joy” appears fifty-nine times. James writes in his New Testament letter,” Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds.” The Apostle Paul, another New Testament writer, felt joy was so important that he mentions joy seventeen times in his letter to the Philippians. In fact throughout all his letters he urges us to “be joyful always,“ “be joyful in hope,“ “ May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him. “

 Paul, James and David aren’t the only Biblical writers urging us to be joyful. Proverbs 17:22 says, “a cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” For me this proverb sums up what all the other verses are trying to say: despair destroys your joy and will only attract more despair.

 In order for you to attain the level of joy talked about in the Bible, consider what Albert Einstein once said, “If you want to solve your problems then you can’t think the same way you always have.” So in order to experience constant joy in your life then set the goal of thinking about your life in only positive and upbeat ways.

 Setting the goal of living a life filled with joy will be its own reward, because no matter what you are facing, God will use it for your good. Finding joy in your troubles makes them less burdensome. It makes finding the answers easier and it opens the door for spiritual growth.

 The apostle Paul believed that joy affected your very soul. He understood that God wants us to be filled with joy because it is good for us. As in his letter to the Philippians, his letter to the Romans mentions joy more than once. Romans 12:12 says “be joyful in hope.” Romans 15:13, “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him.“ Keep in the forefront of your mind that God delights in caring for you, focus on God working it all out for your good, and no matter what is happening in your life, you will know that it is all OK.


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